There is no question that new customers do not grow on trees. It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to generate new leads each month for your business so ask make sure you are giving them what they really want. If you are thinking in your head right now, “I Do” I challenge you to stop again and ask again. I realized that I am guilty of not looking deeper and maybe you are too.

This past week I decided to finally do something that was long long overdue and take my son out for a “guys” night. I asked my son, Landon, where he wanted to go and he said Minsky’s Pizza so we could play in the game room. When we got there he was excited to see that there were three new car driving games where he could climb in the seat and take the wheel. We ordered our pizza and played the car game for a while and after a few races Landon said he wanted to go home because he did not like the new game as much as his old game. The new games moved to fast, were really loud, and most importantly did not last as long on a couple of quarters.

As we ate our pizza and it hit me that the restaurant made a move to upgrade machines to potentially attract new customers with a nicer game room, but in the process they disappointed one little guy that had been coming there since he was a couple weeks old. Not at all what they were trying to do, but something as simple as different machines changed their service just enough to make repeat customers think about how much they liked the place. Interesting.

After a couple slices of pizza my asked if he could go play the games again and headed back to the front of the room. This time around he sat down at a 1980s style Mrs. Pacman game. (If you know what I’m talking about you should feel as old as I do. ha) He put in a quarter and played and played and played and played and finally needed another quarter. Landon do you want to try the cars again? “No, I like my old game!” So he kept playing and laughed every single time he would eat the blue guys.

This old game kept us in there for another 30 minutes and was the topic of discussion at our house for the next several nights at home. The point I’m trying to make here is that you can remind your customers why they love your product or service without taking it away. Take time to ask your customers what they like and why they keep coming back and use that in your advertising to generate new customers. If one person can relate to an old Pacman game then there is a pretty good chance someone else will too.